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Jose provides an update on injured trio

Jose provides an update on injured trio

Jose Mourinho has provided an update on the progress of injured trio Luke Shaw, Ashley Young and Marcos Rojo, who have all been part of the Tour 2017 squad.

The three players travelled out to the United States with the full group to continue their rehabilitation from the setbacks they each suffered last season.

Shaw damaged ligaments in his foot in the match against Swansea at the start of May, while Young was forced off the pitch in United’s Europa League semi-final first-leg match away to Celta Vigo, also in May.

In the previous round of the competition at home to Anderlecht, Rojo was stretchered off with knee ligament damage, incidentally the same injury sustained in the same game by Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Despite not being able to play on tour, Mourinho wanted the three players to be part of the travelling group and he is pleased with how their recoveries are coming along. “It’s good to have them here, it’s been good for them to be with us and recover with the group,” he told reporters in San Jose on Saturday.

“They have no chance for the beginning of the Premier League season. Luke Shaw is the first one to recover, Marcos will be last and Ash will be in between. Luke is September, Young is October and Rojo is December, or maybe January.

“The group is really strong and it’s good to be together. It’s important for them to be with us and not be in Manchester working at home.”


Antonio Conte’s agent confirmed the Chelsea’s interest in Inter Milan’s star

Antonio Conte’s agent Federico Pastorello has confirmed the Blues’ interest in signing one of Inter Milan’s major stars.

Antonio Conte’s agent released an interview with Rai Sport confirming this.

“I was lucky enough to negotiate Conte’s move to Chelsea. When you win the Premier League you are regarded as the best manager in the world. Inter wanted to hire him a few months ago but eventually they’ve chosen another great manager like Spalletti. He’s the right manager for Inter.”

“This past January, Chelsea wanted to sign Antonio Candreva. They needed a replacement for Oscar and Antonio would have been a good one. However, he had just joined Inter and [Inter owners] Suning do not want to sell their best players. I don’t know if he’ll stay at Inter, I’ll talk to [Inter Directors] Ausilio and Sabatini.”

As for Meret, one of his most promising clients, Pastorello said: “We are talking with Udinese. We are on very good terms with the Pozzo family. There are lot of offers on the table, negotiations are ongoing.”



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Many treatments can fight stomach cancer. The one you and your doctor choose will depend on how long you’ve had the disease or how much it has spread in your body, called the stage of your cancer.

Surgery. Your doctor might remove part of your stomach or other tissues nearby that have cancer cells. Surgery gets rid of the tumor and stops cancer from spreading to other parts of your body. If your disease is in a more advanced stage, your doctor might need to remove all of your stomach.

Some tumors can keep food from moving in and out of your stomach. In that case, you might have surgery to put in a stent, a device that keeps the pathways open.

Chemotherapy. Drugs kill your cancer cells or keep them from growing. You can take them as pills or through an IV at a clinic. Chemo usually takes several weeks. The drugs can cause side effects, but your doctor can help you find ways to feel better during treatment.

Radiation. High-energy waves or particles can kill cancer cells and shrink tumors. Your doctor may use an X-ray or other machine to beam radiation at the spot where your tumor is.

Chemoradiation. Your doctor might use this mix of chemotherapy and radiation to shrink your tumor before surgery.

Targeted drugs. These newer drugs are different because they fight only cancer cells. Other treatments, like chemo and radiation, can kill healthy cells along with diseased ones. As a result, targeted therapies have fewer side effects than these other treatments.


Treat stomach infections. If you have ulcers from an H. pylori infection, get treatment. Antibiotics can kill the bacteria, and other drugs will heal the sores in the lining of your stomach to cut your risk of cancer.

Eat healthy. Get more fresh fruits and vegetables on your plate every day. They’re high in fiber and in some vitamins that can lower your cancer risk. Avoid very salty, pickled, cured, or smoked foods like hot dogs, processed lunch meats, or smoked cheeses. Keep your weight at a healthy level, too. Being overweight or obese can also raise your risk of the disease.

Don’t smoke. Your stomach cancer risk doubles if you use tobacco.

Watch aspirin or NSAID use. If you take daily aspirin to prevent heart problems or NSAID drugs for arthritis, talk to your doctor about how these drugs might affect your stomach.



Lionel Messi discusses Barcelona future and possible China move

Leo Messi v Alaves

Lionel Messi discusses Barcelona future and possible China move

In a revealing interview with ESPN today, Argentina and Barcelona legend Lionel Messi discussed his future at Barcelona, as well as the possibility of moving to the riches of the Chinese Super League in the future.

Following reports that a move away from Catalunya had become more and more of a possibility for the diminutive South American in recent years, it will come as a surprise to few to learn that the Camp Nou favourite once again took the opportunity to pledge his loyalties to his current club, revealing:

‘[Staying at Barca] is what I’ve always wanted, what I always dreamed of and what I always said I’d do.’
The 29-year-old went on to reveal that he does not like to think about the past too much, preferring to focus on the future and the challenges that are still to come.

This led to ‘Leo’ being questioned on whether he could be interested in following the lead of so many of his fellow professionals and agreeing to a move to the Chinese Super League at some stage in the future.

Rather surprisingly, however, the 5-time Ballon D’Or winner refused to rule out the possibility, stating:
‘I wouldn’t say (moving to China) is impossible no? No one can say that anything is impossible in football.’
‘Anything can happen [in football] but today I’ll tell you no, it hasn’t crossed my mind.’



1. Missing breakfast can lead to weight gain, and that sets the stage for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. All these can lead to heart disease. Eat healthy, skip the fatty bacon and sausage. Instead, load up on fresh fruit and whole grains.

2. It may be known as the most important meal of the day, but fewer people eat a regular breakfast than they did 40 years ago. One reason for this may be that we eat more snacks these days, sometimes in place of meals.

3. To curb cravings, get cracking. Eggs have protein, which takes your body longer to digest than the carbs in cereal and fruit. A high-protein breakfast can help you feel fuller for the rest of the day and may keep you from reaching for fatty snacks in the evening.

4. Try to eat about an hour before you hit the gym. If you’re short on time, have a light meal that’s easy to digest, like a smoothie or yogurt. Fueling up first will give you energy to work out and keep you from feeling faint.

5. Breakfast may keep you from overeating the rest of the day. Aim for a mix of whole grains, low-fat dairy, lean protein, and fruits and veggies. The combo of carbs, fiber, protein, and fat helps you stay full. Try a veggie-and-cheese omelet with whole wheat toast.

6. Breakfast boosts your brainpower. Your brain runs on glucose, a type of sugar, and you’re low on this fuel when you first wake up. A morning meal can boost your memory, attention, focus, and alertness and help your performance at work or school. Case in point: Kids who have breakfast get better grades than those who don’t.

7. Research shows that breakfast doesn’t change your metabolism at all, but the energy it gives you allows you to burn more calories throughout your day.

8. Breakfast gives you energy — not only does this make you more likely to exercise, but you also may tend to get up and move around in general. One study found that people who ate a morning meal burned 442 more calories through physical activity than those who skipped breakfast.

9. A healthy breakfast can keep your blood sugar steady, and over time, this can protect you from type 2 diabetes. One study shows that men who didn’t eat in the morning were 21% more likely to get the disease than those who did. Start your day with whole grains, such as oatmeal, cereal, or bread. They have fiber, which can also lower your diabetes risk.


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Late Senator Isiaka Adeleke: Doctor arrested

The Police on Monday arrested the doctor who administered medications on ​Senator Isiaka Adeleke.

Aides to the late former governor confirmed that the doctor has been arrested for interrogation by the police.

This is following a report that Adeleke died as a result of an overdose of medications he administered on him.

This is as the report of the post mortem is being awaited.

The doctor administered his medication when the late senator had complained of leg pains.


Wenger: Arsenal’s defeat is a ‘big worry’

Arsene Wenger admitted Arsenal’s 3-0 defeat to Crystal Palace was “a big worry” for him. However, he said the pressure is no different from what he’s used to.

“Every defeat is a big worry. I’ve managed over 1,100 games for Arsenal and we’re not used to that,” Wenger told Sky Sports. “It’s a big worry. Unfortunately it is like that and we have to respond very quickly and not accept it.

“I’m disappointed and determined to put things right. Tonight the worry is not me, it’s the fact we lost a big game and that’s a big worry.”

Wenger said Arsenal had chances to score but was less impressed and conceded his players were often second-best in many “decisive duels.”

“We lost too many duels and we paid for that,” he told the BBC. “There is no obvious reason why. We prepared and everyone prepared well. It’s difficult to explain just after the game.

“I don’t think my players didn’t want it, but we lost duels in decisive moments and that’s how games are decided at this level.”

Arsenal fans, already angry with Wenger, turned on the players by chanting “you’re not fit to wear the shirt” at Selhurst Park. However, the manager said he understood the supporters’ frustrations.

“I understand our fans are disappointed and we all are deeply tonight,” Wenger. It’s very worrying and disappointing the way we lost the game. Palace were sharp, they beat Chelsea the other day, and that shows they have quality.

“We are in a difficult position. The game tonight doesn’t help.”

Arsenal remained seven points back of fourth-placed Manchester City. Wenger said the result didn’t change his thoughts on his still-to-be-determined future plans.

“I face it in every press conference at the moment but tonight I’m not in the mood to speak about it,” he said. “At the moment I pay more respect to the fact we had a disappointing result. What counts is how we perform on the pitch, the players and myself and I feel everyone is focused in the club to do it.”

And asked if uncertainty about his future is affecting the Arsenal players, Wenger said: “No, I don’t think so.”


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Everton striker Romelu Lukaku has been named the Premier League Player of the Month for March.

Lukaku picked up the players’ award following a month in which he scored four times in three games as Everton picked up six points from a possible nine.

Those goals took Lukaku to the top of the Premier League goal-scoring charts with 21 for the season so far.

“I’m really happy,” Lukaku said. “It gives me another boost. I’m playing well at the minute and the team is doing really well.”

Similarly, Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe has been named the Premier League Manager of the Month for March.

Howe received the award for the first time and, at 39 years old, became the youngest-ever recipient, after leading Bournemouth unbeaten through March, winning two games and drawing one, to move nine points clear of the relegation zone.

“It feels really good,” he said. “It was such an important month for us. The fact we were able to pick up seven points and go unbeaten means everything to us at this moment.”

Howe saw off competition from Sam Allardyce, Antonio Conte, Jurgen Klopp, Mauricio Pochettino and Craig Shakespeare.


Melaye wears academic gown to Senate



The Senator representing Kogi West Senatorial District in the Senate and Chairman, Senate Committee on Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Senator Dino Melaye appeared this morning wearing an academic gown.

Melaye who has been in the news lately over an alleged possession of fake certificate from Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria arrived the Upper Legislative Chamber around 10:30 am.

Mohammed Ali Ndume had last week, in a motion via Order 14 and 15 of Senate Standing Rule, urged the upper chamber to thoroughly investigate the alleged certificate scandal involving Senator Dino Melaye.

Vice Chancellor of ABU, Professor Ibrahim Garba had on Monday cleared Melaye, saying he graduated from the institution with a third class.

“From records, Dino formerly known as Daniel Jonah Melaye graduated from ABU, BA Geography,” he said.



Huntsman tapped as United States Ambassador to Russia

Former Utah governor and 2012 Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman has accepted President Donald Trump’s offer to serve as the next ambassador to Russia.

If confirmed, Huntsman would become one of the highest-profile US ambassadors, helming the diplomatic mission to a country that has seen its relationship with the US sink to new lows in recent years. Huntsman would also take on the post amid ongoing questions about connections between Russians known to US intelligence and Trump campaign advisers — and just months after Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election.

The post would be the third ambassadorship for Huntsman, who previously served as US ambassador to Singapore and China. Huntsman was the ambassador to China during President Barack Obama’s administration.

Huntsman’s selection comes two weeks after the Utah Republican was first floated as a contender for a top diplomatic post.

One senior administration official said Huntsman was tapped because he is a “brilliant guy,” “tough” and understands what Trump wants.