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Michael Jackson’s Father Rushed to Hospital After Car Crash in Las Vegas

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Michael Jackson’s Father Rushed to Hospital After Car Crash in Las Vegas

Michael Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson has been rushed to a hospital after a car accident near Las Vegas strip.

Law enforcement sources say … Joe was a passenger in a black Jaguar when it T-boned a red SUV. Jackson’s father walked into a Panda Express next to the accident scene, and sat down wincing in pain … according to some witnesses.

He was complaining of chest pains and paramedics took him by ambulance to a hospital.

It’s not yet clear who was driving Joe, or if anyone else suffered injuries.


South African Church bars blacks

A South African Church has barred blacks from attending service.

The church on Sunday disallowed two black journalists from entering.

The Afrikaanse Protestante Kerk church in Orania, told the journalists “the church is only for whites”.

Orania is an Afrikaans-only South African town located along the banks of the Orange River, in the arid Karoo region of the Northern Cape Province.

The journalists were on an assignment and decided to attend a Sunday service before returning to Pretoria but they were intercepted by a church leader, identified as Mr. Theunis Oukamp, at the door.

According to Africa Review, Oukamp said allowing black people into an all-white church would be violating the “rights of Afrikaans people”.

“I am now in a difficult situation. You know that Orania, is only for white people, this is why we are here.

“You must understand I know you want to serve God and everything but I have to protect the rights of Afrikaans people. So I cannot let you in, you guys can go to any other church, but this one is only for white people,” Mr. Oukamp told the journalists.

Mr. Langton Ndlovu, a Christian, described the move as ‘diabolical’.

“This is demonic, in this day and age, I never thought this was real. That’s unacceptable. I wonder how they read the scripture that says “there is neither Greek nor Jew” but we’re one in Christ,” said Mr. Ndlovu.

The president of the South Africa Union Council of Independent Churches, Archbishop Modiri Patrick Shole, expressed shock that there was still segregation in the body of Christ, 23 years after apartheid ended.

“We don’t discriminate in church because before God we are one – whether white or black. I find it weird that we still have discrimination in the church,” he said.



Antonio Conte’s agent confirmed the Chelsea’s interest in Inter Milan’s star

Antonio Conte’s agent Federico Pastorello has confirmed the Blues’ interest in signing one of Inter Milan’s major stars.

Antonio Conte’s agent released an interview with Rai Sport confirming this.

“I was lucky enough to negotiate Conte’s move to Chelsea. When you win the Premier League you are regarded as the best manager in the world. Inter wanted to hire him a few months ago but eventually they’ve chosen another great manager like Spalletti. He’s the right manager for Inter.”

“This past January, Chelsea wanted to sign Antonio Candreva. They needed a replacement for Oscar and Antonio would have been a good one. However, he had just joined Inter and [Inter owners] Suning do not want to sell their best players. I don’t know if he’ll stay at Inter, I’ll talk to [Inter Directors] Ausilio and Sabatini.”

As for Meret, one of his most promising clients, Pastorello said: “We are talking with Udinese. We are on very good terms with the Pozzo family. There are lot of offers on the table, negotiations are ongoing.”


Senator Dino Melaye Panics – Sahara Reporters

Senator Dino Melaye Panics, Hires Mike Ozekhome To Stop His Recall In Court

Senator Dino Melaye of Kogi West Senatorial district has filed a lawsuit at the Federal high Court in Abuja seeking a court injunction to halt his recall from the Senate.

According to SaharaReporters sources, a panic-stricken Melaye had been shopping for a judge in the last 48 hours that could grant an injunction to halt the process after word reached him that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was meeting to decide on an appropriate response to the submission of more 188,000 signatures to their headquarters on Wednesday from his constituents who wanted him recalled from the Nigerian Senate.

On Thursday INEC issued a statement notifying the public that it will be verifying the signatures on July 3rd 2017. The commission also wrote to Melaye notifying him of the official commencement of the recall exercise.

His lawyers today filed a 33-page legal argument seeking to obtain injunctive reliefs from the court. The application was accompanied by an affidavit of urgency filed by a staff of Mr. Ozekhome’s law firm.



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Many treatments can fight stomach cancer. The one you and your doctor choose will depend on how long you’ve had the disease or how much it has spread in your body, called the stage of your cancer.

Surgery. Your doctor might remove part of your stomach or other tissues nearby that have cancer cells. Surgery gets rid of the tumor and stops cancer from spreading to other parts of your body. If your disease is in a more advanced stage, your doctor might need to remove all of your stomach.

Some tumors can keep food from moving in and out of your stomach. In that case, you might have surgery to put in a stent, a device that keeps the pathways open.

Chemotherapy. Drugs kill your cancer cells or keep them from growing. You can take them as pills or through an IV at a clinic. Chemo usually takes several weeks. The drugs can cause side effects, but your doctor can help you find ways to feel better during treatment.

Radiation. High-energy waves or particles can kill cancer cells and shrink tumors. Your doctor may use an X-ray or other machine to beam radiation at the spot where your tumor is.

Chemoradiation. Your doctor might use this mix of chemotherapy and radiation to shrink your tumor before surgery.

Targeted drugs. These newer drugs are different because they fight only cancer cells. Other treatments, like chemo and radiation, can kill healthy cells along with diseased ones. As a result, targeted therapies have fewer side effects than these other treatments.


Treat stomach infections. If you have ulcers from an H. pylori infection, get treatment. Antibiotics can kill the bacteria, and other drugs will heal the sores in the lining of your stomach to cut your risk of cancer.

Eat healthy. Get more fresh fruits and vegetables on your plate every day. They’re high in fiber and in some vitamins that can lower your cancer risk. Avoid very salty, pickled, cured, or smoked foods like hot dogs, processed lunch meats, or smoked cheeses. Keep your weight at a healthy level, too. Being overweight or obese can also raise your risk of the disease.

Don’t smoke. Your stomach cancer risk doubles if you use tobacco.

Watch aspirin or NSAID use. If you take daily aspirin to prevent heart problems or NSAID drugs for arthritis, talk to your doctor about how these drugs might affect your stomach.



Lionel Messi discusses Barcelona future and possible China move

Leo Messi v Alaves

Lionel Messi discusses Barcelona future and possible China move

In a revealing interview with ESPN today, Argentina and Barcelona legend Lionel Messi discussed his future at Barcelona, as well as the possibility of moving to the riches of the Chinese Super League in the future.

Following reports that a move away from Catalunya had become more and more of a possibility for the diminutive South American in recent years, it will come as a surprise to few to learn that the Camp Nou favourite once again took the opportunity to pledge his loyalties to his current club, revealing:

‘[Staying at Barca] is what I’ve always wanted, what I always dreamed of and what I always said I’d do.’
The 29-year-old went on to reveal that he does not like to think about the past too much, preferring to focus on the future and the challenges that are still to come.

This led to ‘Leo’ being questioned on whether he could be interested in following the lead of so many of his fellow professionals and agreeing to a move to the Chinese Super League at some stage in the future.

Rather surprisingly, however, the 5-time Ballon D’Or winner refused to rule out the possibility, stating:
‘I wouldn’t say (moving to China) is impossible no? No one can say that anything is impossible in football.’
‘Anything can happen [in football] but today I’ll tell you no, it hasn’t crossed my mind.’


Madonna wears white dress covered in pooches to P Diddy’s party

Poochy cute: The 58-year-old chatted with a gal pal as she left the Beverley Hills home of Sean Combs, aka P. Diddy, who stars in the hip-hop doc and hosted the bash

Madonna had her own unique sense of style since bursting on to the scene with Like A Virgin in 1984.
And on Wednesday night Madonna was spotted in an eye-catching frock at the after party for hip-hop doc Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story at the Beverly Hills home of Sean Combs, aka P Diddy.

The 58-year-old left sexy behind and opted for a white dress with a large pattern of different breeds of dogs.
The pop icon teamed her poochy number with a black cardigan and black lace-up high heels with a cutout across the top of the foot.

Her long, blonde hair was styled to cascade over her shoulders in soft waves. And she kept her make-up low-key using neutral colors around her eyes and a soft red on her lips.
Madonna smiled happily as she and a gal pal left the celebrity party together. Her daughter Lourdes, 20, was also at the bash but left separately.

There was no sign of her rumored new beau, 32-year-old Portuguese model Kevin Sampaio.
They first met when they shared a steamy kiss in the pop star’s B**** I’m Madonna video in 2015.
But they reportedly didn’t hook up until Madonna’s recent split from her boyfriend of two years, model Aboubakar Soumahoro, 26.

Puppy love: Madonna wore a white dress with a large pattern of different breeds of dogs to the after party for hip-hop doc Can't Stop Won't Stop: A Bad Boy Story on Wednesday
Meanwhile, aside from Lourdes, the Material Girl has her hands full with five more children.
Her daughter Lourdes, 20, was also at the bash but left separately
She adopted four of her brood from Malawi: David Banda, 11, in 2006, Mercy James, 11, in 2009, and four-year-old twins Esther and Stella Mwale, whom she welcomed this year.
She shares biological daughter, Lourdes, with former partner Carlos Leon.
Madonna also has a son, Rocco, 16, who prefers to live with his father, her ex-husband, British director Guy Ritchie.


We are going to arrest Arewa Youths no matter how long it takes – Malam Nasir El-Rufai

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We are going to arrest Arewa Youths no matter how long it takes – El-Rufai
Kaduna State Governor, Malam Nasir El-Rufai, has strongly stated that the group behind the quit notice given to the Igbos in the North will be arrested.
The governor had earlier ordered their arrest, but the group continued with their threats and comments.
While receiving Igbo Delegate Assembly and Northern Igbo Chiefs on Tuesday at the Kaduna Government House, El-Rufai said the culprits will be brought to book no matter how long it takes.
“We are going to arrest the Arewa Youth and bring them to justice no matter how long it takes. Since the press conference was done in Kaduna.
“If they had done it in any other place, we would have just condemned them but since it’s in Kaduna, we are going to arrest them,” the Governor stated.

Health Tip


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Stomach cancer (gastric cancer) starts when cancer cells exist in the inner lining of your stomach. These cells can develop into a growth (tumor). The disease usually takes several years to grow. If the signs of this cancer are detected early, it can be easily treated.
1. Infections with a common bacteria, H. pylori, which causes ulcers, inflammation in the gut called gastritis, long-lasting anemia, and growths in your stomach called polyps.
2. Smoking
3. Being overweight or obese
4. A diet high in smoked, pickled, or salty foods
5. Stomach surgery for an ulcer
6. Type-A blood
7. Epstein-Barr virus infection
8. Certain genes
9. Working in coal, metal, timber, or rubber industries
10. Exposure to asbestos

1. Indigestion
2. Feeling bloated after meal
3. Heartburn
4. Slight nausea
5. Loss of appetite

As stomach tumors grow, you may have more serious symptoms, such as:
1. Stomach pain
2. Blood in your stool
3. Vomiting
4. Weight loss for no reason
5. Trouble swallowing
6. Yellowish eyes or skin
7. Swelling in your stomach
8. Constipation or diarrhea
9. Weakness or feeling tired
10. Heartburn

Your doctor will give you a physical exam. He’ll also ask about your medical history to see if you have any risk factors for stomach cancer or any family members who’ve had it. Then, he might give you some tests, including:
1. Blood tests to look for signs of cancer in your body.
2. Upper endoscopy. Your doctor will put a thin, flexible tube with a small camera down your throat to look into your stomach.
3. Upper GI series test. You’ll drink a chalky liquid with a substance called barium. The fluid coats your stomach and makes it show up more clearly on X-rays.
4. CT scan . This is a powerful X-ray that makes detailed pictures of the inside of your body.
5. Biopsy . Your doctor takes a small piece of tissue from your stomach to look at under a microscope for signs of cancer cells. He might do this during an endoscopy.



Madonna moves to Portugal to help her son become a football star

David Banda (pictured left) was adopted by Madonna from Malawi when he was 11-years-old

Madonna the soccer mom: In her oddest reinvention yet, pop Queen moves to Portugal to help her son become a football star (and show the world she is a good mother)
She prides herself on being the Queen of Reinvention, a style and pop icon who has morphed effortlessly over the decades from slick Material Girl, to sex goddess in a bullet-bra, to Kabbalah-chanting yogi.
At one point she even became Lady of the Manor complete with country estate and an ‘English’ accent during her ill-fated marriage to Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels director Guy Ritchie. Now it seems Madonna is embarking on her most radical, and unexpected, shift to date. It’s the wholescale yet decidedly unglamorous transformation into a ‘soccer mom’ – a T-shirt-wearing symbol of suburban America, who spends her life shouting encouragement from the sidelines.

The Mail on Sunday has established that the 58-year-old singer is planning to uproot her family from their New York home and relocate 3,300 miles to Portugal so that her adopted son David Banda can play in the junior squad of the famous Portuguese club Benfica.
The Queen of Reinvention’s latest move might be to transform herself into a ‘soccer mom’ – a symbol of suburban America

It is said that Madonna has already bought a spectacular £5 million palace in the rolling hills outside Lisbon and is planning to enrol her younger children at the city’s exclusive £30,000-a-year French Lycée.

‘David recently spent a week at Benfica and his prodigious talents impressed everyone,’ a source explained last night.
‘Madonna is determined to give her kids every opportunity in life and this one is too good to pass up. She and the family will be moving to Portugal in time for the new school year in September.’

The star recently spent a two-week holiday in Lisbon, staying in the £13,000-a-night Presidential suite at the Hotel Ritz, and viewed multiple properties in the city before settling on the stunning 18th Century Quinta do Relogio Palace, a Unesco- protected property once owned by a Portuguese nobleman whose colourful life inspired Alexandre Dumas’s novel The Count Of Monte Cristo.

It seems, for the moment at least, that her singing career is on hold.
Madonna is determined to give David Banda, her adopted son from Malawi, ‘every opportunity in life’ – including training with the junior squad of famous Portuguese club Benfica

But why would Madonna, a woman better known for outrageous self-promotion than a keen appreciation of a flat back four, suddenly put her own ambitions on the back-burner?

Madonna is determined to give David Banda, her adopted son from Malawi, 'every opportunity in life' - including training with the junior squad of famous Portuguese club Benfica

No doubt it helped her decision to learn that Lisbon is emerging as one of Europe’s ‘hottest’ cities and is already favoured by a string of celebrities including Italian actress Monica Bellucci, fashion designer Christian Louboutin, designer Philippe Starck and former Manchester United footballer Eric Cantona.
But the real answer, says a Hollywood source who knows her well, is more emotional.

‘Madonna lost her own mother very young and her greatest ambition in life is to be the mother she never had,’ he says. ‘However much you might criticise her, she has always wanted what is best for her kids.’
Madonna has said the ‘greatest accomplishment of my life is to be the mother I never knew’

Madonna’s own mother, also called Madonna, died of breast cancer in 1963 when the star was just five years old, and the singer has spoken in the past about her heartbreak.

Just last month she shared a poignant picture of her mother with her 9.6 million Instagram fans, saying: ‘The greatest accomplishment of my life is to be the mother I never knew.’
Yet there is a more immediate motive, too, behind Madonna’s new-found interest in a normal life (or as normal as it can get for a global superstar).

She was left ‘reeling and heart-broken’ over the unseemly court battle that ensued when her 16-year-old son Rocco left New York abruptly in 2015 complaining of her ‘cloying’ ways, and saying that he wished to have a more conventional upbringing with his father Guy Ritchie and stepmother, model Jacqui Ainsley.

A bruising legal fight erupted which saw Madonna stopping midway through a tour to fly to London in an unsuccessful attempt to have Rocco return to America with her. Reports at the time claimed Rocco was ‘fed up’ with

Madonna’s strict house rules, which reportedly include following a macrobiotic diet and an insistence on daily exercise (she claims to do three hours of yoga every day).

Their rift culminated in confiscating his mobile phone when it interfered with his studies – at which point Rocco decided he would much rather be with his laid-back father.

She eventually conceded defeat and allowed Rocco to remain in London with Guy, though mother and son have since been reconciled. ‘Madonna has always been a strict mother and it’s her way or the high way,’ says the source.
‘When Rocco publicly denounced her, she was devastated. It caused a rift which has been healed but it caused Madonna to rethink her parenting techniques. It used to be tough love but now it’s just love. This latest incarnation is a devoted mum who puts her children first.

‘Rebel Madonna has long since gone. She has totally embraced the idea of being a soccer mom.’
Madonna certainly seems proud of her new identity, posting a picture of herself in a baggy black sweatshirt on Instagram with the word ‘Bitch’ written across the image. Underneath she wrote: ‘Because sometimes soccer Moms need to be a…’

Madonna has six children, including the recently adopted four-year-old twins Stella and Esther, who are also from Malawi.

Determined not to repeat her mistake and risk alienating David, she has thrown herself enthusiastically behind the boy’s burgeoning career. Her Instagram account is filled with proud postings about his footballing prowess and includes her wearing a Benfica shirt.

Last week she showed off a picture of David with his teammates from Downtown United Soccer Club, the New York under-14s team he plays for at the moment, with the proclamation: ‘D.U.S.C wins 5-4! David Banda scores the winning goal!’ An earlier post showing David in his kit is accompanied by the message: ‘My Champion!’

Eldest daughter Lourdes, 20, is not expected to make the move to Portugal and will remain in America where she is pursuing a modelling career as the face of Stella McCartney’s fragrance Pop while studying musical theatre.

But the rest of Madonna’s brood – 11-year-old daughter Mercy James, David and the newly adopted twins – are expected to move to Lisbon this summer. Madonna plans to smooth their transition by enrolling them in the French Lycée school in Lisbon (Portuguese is mandatory), a sister institution to the Lycée in Manhattan where the children study at the moment, and the London Lycée, where Lourdes was once a pupil.

The superstar viewed a number of properties in Lisbon, where the local government has made a deliberate policy of attracting wealthy incomers through a low-tax regime and a policy known as ‘visa gold’, which grants automatic residency to non-Europeans who spend more than £500,000 on property.

It’s reported she’s already bought a £5million mansion in the rolling hills above Lisbon
Fans of the city compare it to San Francisco thanks to its steep hills, quaint trams, hilltop homes with spectacular views, burgeoning restaurant scene and thriving arts culture. Property expert Gustavo Soares, of Sotheby’s International Realty, one of the companies used by Madonna, says: ‘To have Madonna looking for properties in Lisbon isn’t just a cool thing, it’s helping to drive up property prices in the city and elsewhere.’

The star is already immersing herself in Lisbon society. Last month, she met Fernando Medina, the city’s mayor, and had dinner at the Michelin-starred Solar dos Nunes restaurant with former Portuguese international footballer Nuno Gomes, who runs the Benfica training scheme which David will join.
She is even rumoured to be dating a Portuguese male model, Kevin Sampaio, 27 years her junior.

Naturally, for a woman with an estimated £500 million fortune, money is no object when it comes to choosing new digs. It is reported that last week she completed the £5 million purchase of Quinta do Relogio (Farm of the Clock Tower) in picturesque Sintra, a four-storey palace complete with private chapel and sprawling park filled with ancient oaks, a lake and grotto.

It is rich in history. Part of a world heritage site, the palace was built by the 15th Count of Redondo in the Moorish Revival style and was considered one of Portugal’s finest palaces until it fell into disrepair.
‘It needs major restoration work,’ a local estate agent said. ‘It needs someone with unlimited funds to restore it. And now it has that.’

A centuries-old cork tree guards the entrance to the palace, above which is carved the motto: ‘God Is The Only Winner.’
In 1835, it was bought by Portuguese nobleman Manuel Pinto de Fonseca, who made a fortune in the Brazilian slave trade.

It was Fonseca’s controversial life that inspired Alexandre Dumas to write a fictionalised account of a man wrongly accused of a crime, who then makes a fortune and returns home to seek revenge.

Wonderful as her new palace sounds, Hollywood sources say that Madonna still intends to keep her £30 million townhouse on New York’s Upper East Side fully staffed. But they insist that she relishes the idea of living in Europe – and, of course, being closer to Rocco in England.
The teenager was recently arrested for marijuana possession and his mother is said to have concerns about some of his friends.

As Rocco’s father Guy has put it: ‘If you live in one of the busiest cities in the world there is an endless deluge of opportunities and temptations. Everyone has to go on their own journey to navigate their way past that gauntlet.’
No wonder that, for the moment at least, Hollywood’s newest soccer mom is keeping a very close eye from the sidelines.